Poetry Pals New Season, New Partnership

Posted on: December 10, 2015 Posted by: Ilene Comments: 0

Poetry Pals New Season, New Partnership

NE TF1 gym3NE TF1 basilwalking

For the 15-16 school year, Poetry Pals formed a new tri-faith partnership, which we call our NorthEast Hub, with more than 170 mostly-4th grade students coming together from three schools:
Queen of All Saints in Chicago (Catholic)
College Preparatory School of America inLombard (Muslim) and
Solomon Schechter Day School in Northbrook (Jewish).

After solo visits to each school in the fall, “Queens” hosted our largest program ever on November 10th, bringing together students from all three faiths in one action-packed morning.  Students got warmed up through group creative exercises in the gym, then got a chance to learn more about Catholicism and tour Queens’ majestic Basilica before breaking out into smaller groups to get to know each other better and write poetry together.NE TF1 4 girlsNE TF1 3boys2

Our CHICAGO HUB partnerships, which include Sacred Heart Catholic SchoolMCC Full Time Muslim School, and Chicago Jewish Day School also kicked off their 4th year of partnership with solo sessions in November. They will be meeting together starting in December! Here are some snapshots from their solo sessions!

c-hub solo collage 15