Islamic Foundation School hosts Frances Xavier Warde

Posted on: March 27, 2015 Posted by: Ilene Comments: 0

Islamic Foundation School hosts Frances Xavier Warde

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On March 19, fifth grade students from Frances Xavier Warde school in downtown Chicago traveled to Islamic Foundation School in western Chicago suburb Villa Park to reconnect with the IFS fifth-graders.  This was the second meeting between the partner schools who are part of the Poetry Pals East-West Hub.  The students got re-acquainted and had a tour of the mosque and discussion to learn about many customs and practices in the Islamic faith.  After the mosque tour, students divided into small groups and enjoyed fun activities while also writing poetry, mostly about religious holidays.  The final performances were lively as the small groups read and acted out their poetry!

“One thing is for sure about Poetry Pals, it never fails to get the children to discuss and share their religious traditions in fun and engaging ways,” said Lead Poet-Educator Chris Walker.

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