Highlights from Our NorthEast Hub Interfaith Community Evening

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Highlights from Our NorthEast Hub Interfaith Community Evening

On Thursday, February 18, more than 250 community members, students, parents, and school faculty from College Preparatory School of America from Lombard (Muslim), Solomon Schechter Day School from Northbrook (Jewish) and Queen of All Saints from Chicago (Catholic) met at QAS in Chicago to celebrate the culmination of the 2015/16 NorthEast Hub Tri-faith program.

As the diverse crowd looked on, the evening began with a welcome from Poetry Pals Director Adam Shames and leaders of the three schools including Pete Tantillo, outgoing QAS principal, whose commitment to the program this year helped make this new partnership possible.
NE CrowdNE Eve opening Pete

Kids joined Adam and the other educators up front to engage the crowd in the Poetry Pals rap, and then everyone got a chance to watch a special highlight video of the year.
NE Eve Ad leads rap with kidsNE watching video

The kids went off to rehearse for final performances while the adults and families stayed for a multi-faith sharing and dialogue.  First representatives from each school/religion share about their favorite practice and then adult and parent groups formed to meet each other and share more about faith commonalities and differences.
NE Eve kids rehearse with Ethan NE Eve Kids raise hands
NE Eve repsNE Eve adult groups1

Finally, it was time for performances–and the kids showed artwork, sang, rapped and performed poems to the delight of the attendees.
NE Eve kids art stage  NE Eve kids singing
A big thank you from the Poetry Pals staff to all who attended!
staff at NE Eve