Poetry Samples

poetry samples

 A collection of group poems made by program participants:


Special Day of the WeekScreen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.58.44 PM

On Friday Muslims have Jummah prayer in the mosque with lots of people there We take showers to smell like flowers I hear the speaker in front, loud and clear with no fear I see white robes and feel the carpet under my feet For Jews Shabbat is Friday night and Saturday When we go to the synagogue to pray I enjoy hearing my dad reciting blessings over bread and wine. And I taste the tangy sweet grape juice before we dine. The dessert table after is the best part Christians go to church on Sunday Taste the bread and wine and pray I see priests in black robes and the cross from a distance. I smell burning incense and hear people singing. Feel the marble under my feet

Three Holidays

On Christmas, Hanukah and Eid we celebrate with family and share special meals, prayers and presents.  On Christmas,  We say “Merry Christmas!” and hang shiny ornaments on the tree. We’re the first one up in the morning to peek at presents secretly. We chug egg nog and eat chocolate-dipped scrumptious churros. Some people might even go out to sing Christmas carols. On Hanukah, we say “Happy Hanukah!” with lots of laughter. We watch the colorful candles melting and open presents after. We eat tasty delicious hot latkes with sweet apple sauce all around. Our uncle teaches us to spin dreidels upside down. On Eid, we say “Eid Mubarak!” and have special clean clothes to wear. We go to the mosque when it’s time for prayer. We eat samosas and spicy orange biryani at our cousin’s house. When it’s time to open presents my brother shouts !

The Seasons 

In winter, bears are hibernating There are birds humming songs in the spring In summer, buzzing bees and humidity In fall, pandas eat bamboo with tea All these things happen in one year Do not fear— these seasons will reappear next year

Winter becomes Spring

As we walk outside, we see cold, white fluffy snow and leafless, lifeless trees. We run inside and to our surprise there’s hot cocoa in front of our eyes. In winter it’s so cold that people snuggle But soon the cold snow will melt into splashing puddles In winter we go sledding, snowboarding and push our siblings in the snow In Spring we see blooming flowers of red, orange and yellow This is what happens when winter becomes spring No more jackets while roses are blooming


We are dark green and bright orange and red We are Phoenix and Niagara Falls We are Bengal tigers, a black puma and T-Rex We are cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and hot dogs We are tackle football and hockey We are Arabic, English, Islam and Catholic We are lime green, sky blue and twilight violet We are the setting sun We are killer whales, polar bears and a bluejay We are sushi and mushroom pizza We are gymnastics, basketball, swimming and cricket. We are Superman and Superwoman We are Islam and Pentecostal We are Amena, Gaeun, Nimah, Dhuha, Basil, Austin and Owen.


by Medina, Ilyssa, Raihan and Sameer

I am a thunderstorm Wet, soggy Blurry and fresh I don’t like umbrellas So people can go outside and take a shower Animals don’t like me because I’m Wet, yet, I don’t fret I laugh at the crying grass when it’s so wet My only friend is lightning, and that sun is so frightening.